(some) LA Fans have no class

I created The Brian Ching Fanpage because I felt he was worthy of respect for his contribution to the 2 time MLS champion Houston Dynamo & The US National Soccer team and of course my MLS fantasy team. Since creating The Hawaiian Brian page I went from a fan of Chivas USA who liked a player or 2 in Houston to a full-fledged Houston Dynamo fan.

Brian has been a solid player for team USA & scored 4 of our 19 goals in his 10 World Cup Qualifying appearances. His presence and experience on the field made the difference on many occasions. Sadly, he suffered a hamstring injury just weeks before it was time to name the 30 players that would go to Camp USA. With hard work & treatment Ching managed to heal enough to be included in the 30 that eventually had to be whittled down to 23. Many respected bloggers & media reps fully expected Ching to be one of the men that would go to South Africa to represent THE BEST PLAYERS USA had to offer. I was among those that were positive he’d be included! There was never a doubt in my mind until the day I heard he was cut. I was shocked & beyond crushed! It felt like something inside me died that day. Keep in mind Ching was only cut due to his recent injury. Coach Bradley felt that it would be ‘safer’ to bring healthy players. Not that I’m making excuses for Bradley or agreeing with his choices, but it’s a fact that he discluded Ching because of the injury.

A few days later as Ching adressed his fans you could see the pain in his face but he was gracious & professional enough to wish the best of luck to his US teammates. With the wound of my discluded player from the largest sporting event in the world still fresh in my mind.. I had one glimmer of hapiness to hang onto… NOT going to South Africa meant that he WOULD be coming to LA so I could see him play live with The Dynamo! This was to be the 1st time I could wear orange and show 100% support without any guilt! I live in LA but have no connection or tie with The Galaxy.

I was there in LA wearing bright orange the day those “fans” were yelling the cruel words that started in NY the week before! “US REJECT! US REJECT!” their chanting was burning my ears! It was as if all the other noise in the stadium dissappeared and all I could hear was “US REJECT!” I was close enough to see his face & how it was effecting his play! Remember, I created The Brian Ching Fanpage, therefore every word was like a knife in my heart! How dare they? I thought to myself? How dare they pledge allegiance to the flag and then rip apart a player who stands for soccer in The United States? A player who gives of his time & money to charity & children here in USA! A player who was instrumental in getting our “golden ticket” to The world Cup! Their actions could only be compared to a bunch of ungrateful ignorant children who are unappreciative of how food gets on the table! Speaking of food someone even flung mustard at me! My face was burning & red, I was raging with anger sadness and my heart was breaking… Yet deep inside I felt a pride to be there & yell out “Come on Dynamo!! Let’s GO!!” I left Home Depot Center that day with my head held high in my orange jersey! (up until i got in the car)

Someday I hope I can personally thank Assistant Coach John Spencer for whatever “innappropriate gesture” he made to those LA “Fans” part of me wishes I could break out my checkbook & help with the $2000 fine he got!

Mahalo Brian Ching! Your real fans love you!


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