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If you have an iPhone or a friend with an iPhone please read this all the way through. I wrote this over a week ago and still, people are sending messages that disappear to iSpace. It seems to have started with the recent iOS update. It may have defaulted your messaging to NOT send as SMS / TEXT when iMessage is not available. Your friends with iPhones who choose not to use iMessaging will not receive your text and you will never know. To fix this go to settings –> messages and make sure “send as SMS” is ON.

For Gods sake Apple. Why would people not want their message to get to someone if they aren’t iMesssaging? I’m sure in the rare case that someone doesn’t want to use texting (most plans are unlimited) everyone else in the world should can go ahead and shut it off. Please Apple fix that update so the “send as SMS” is auto selected and all the loyal iPhone users will be rewarded by receiving all of their messages.


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I am pro iPhone and I still love my PC. I love communicating, and networking. I hate reading, but I love to write. I am a thinker and a doer. I go off on tangents. This is where I will share my thoughts with you.
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